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Bartosz (Bart) Kasza was born in Poland, and for the past 20 years has lived in Chicago. He is a SSI Level 1 instructor, and one of the core members of the Chicago Freediving community since 2018.

Bart`s interest in diving started about six years ago. Before that, he had successful careers as a photographer, actor, and hair dresser. He decided to overcome the fear of depth and started learning scuba diving at first. In 2018, he came across freediving and became fascinated with it. Since then, Bart dedicated his full attention to learning and teaching freediving. He is constantly working on ways to improve and educate himself. So far, he has succeeded in diving as deep as 35 meters/115 feet. 

Bart has trained with world-class freedivers and has been teaching students both in the U.S. and Mexico. He is very attentive and knowledgeable, getting straight to the point, so you don`t feel overwhelmed. Bart`s main goal is to make sure you enjoy freediving and have fun in a safe and smart way. 

Bart loves to share his passion and grow the freediving community by teaching students in Chicago and Midwest, as well as taking their learned skills to freediving destinations all over the world!

Check out Bart diving in Mexico!!!


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Anatoliy was born and raised in Uzbekistan, a country in central Asia, where the climate is similar to Arizona. His homeland is land-locked, so he did not have too many chances to be in the water as a child. Actually, Anatoliy really disliked swimming since it caused him a lot of discomfort in the sinuses.


It was so until 2016, when he stumbled upon a YouTube video about freedivers swimming with whales. He was fascinated by how calm and serene this experience seemed. Driven by curiosity and excitement, Anatoliy researched ways to learn freediving.


Among many training agencies available on the market, he picked PFI because of its clear objectives, solid curriculum, high safety standards, and diverse availability of instructors throughout the US.


Two years later, after his first dive to 33’/10m in the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Anatoliy became a freediving Instructor with an ambitious goal to create a strong freedivers’ community in the Chicago and Midwest area.

Check out Anatoliy's 30 meter dive!!!