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Certification process

Our program teaches you fundamental freediving techniques for comfortable enjoyment in the aquatic world to depths of 20m/66ft.

We will cover fundamental topics such as:


  • Essential safety procedures for breath-holding at Freediver Level

  • Proper breathing techniques for freediving and snorkeling

  • Equalization for depth diving

  • Equipment for freediving and snorkeling

  • The fundamental physics and physiology of freediving

This course is for you if...

  • You’re interested in learning the fundamental techniques of freediving

  • You’re new to freediving

  • You typically dive in the shallows

  • You want to hold your breath longer

  • You want to dive deeper

getting certified is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


confined water

open water


First, you will get familiar with the basics of freediving in the comfort and safety of your own home via an online seminar.

This class also includes a 1-hour Zoom session with an instructor, guiding you through basic breathing and safety techniques and answering all the questions you might have!

open water

Finally, you will dive right into the magical underwater world of freediving during the Open Water class at the gorgeous Haigh Quarry!

This is when you will master the skill necessary to hold your breath long enough to dive up to 20 meters  or 66 feet  underwater!

confined water

Then, you will get your feet wet and begin applying what you've learned in a safe, shallow, and controlled environment.

Depending on the weather, this class takes place either at Swimming Pool or at Haigh quarry. This is a vital step to gaining the confidence and skill you will need to enjoy the world of freediving!

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