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Learn to freedive down to a depth up to 20 m /66 feet!


This program teaches fundamental freediving techniques for comfortable enjoyment in the aquatic world to depths of 20m/66ft. You will also practice static apnea to help develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort.


The certification classes must be taken in this sequence: Theory-Pool-Open water

Is this course for you?

  • You're interested in learning the fundamental techniques of freediving

  • You're new to freediving

  • You typically dive in the shallows

  • You want to dive safely

  • You want to hold your breath longer

  • You want to dive deeper

  • You want to optimize your oxygen consumption while scuba diving

freediving certification



If not sure, attend a Freediving Class Orientation in a classroom or Intro to Freediving in a Pool to learn more about Freediving.


If you definitely want to do it, book a Theory Freediving Certification Class.

Download and fill out the Medical Form. If you answer yes to any question, you need to get a doctor's approval before you participate in the water part of the course.  

Email to if you have any questions about the medical form.

Freediving Intro. Pool. 

"Wet your toes" and learn how it feels to freedive.

During this 30 min session you will learn:

  • Basic Frenzel Method to equalize ears

  • Elements of a Duck Dive entrance technique

These are essential elements of Freediving that can be a good start for you to learn the sport.

Click on Meetup button for dates and locations. Mention that you are a newbie if you'd like to come to Certified Only  practice.

Freediving Theory

There are 2 parts in this step.

First, you take an e-learning module online, during which you learn about: 

  • Equipment 

  • Safety procedures

  • Breathing patterns

  • Diving techniques

  • Physics and physiology of human body water adaptations

  • Psychological aspects and stress management

And other elements of freediving.

Second, you attend a 2 hour hands on workshop, where you learn 

  • Frenzel method of ear equalization

  • Deep water pressure management skills

  • Safety signals and procedures

  • Breathing patterns for Freediving

and other practical skills essential in Freediving. 

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Confined Water (Pool)

During two 2.5-hour pool sessions, you will learn and practice skills for safe and effective dives in a 9-16 ft deep pool as a preparation for the Open Water part of the certification class. You will have a chance to hold your breath for up to 4 min and swim underwater up to 82 feet on a single breath.

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Open Water

Spend an entire day in the Haigh Quarry during summer time (1 hr drive from Chicago), or come to the Mexico's paradise - Playa del Carmen for a little winter break to utilize, practice, and refine all learnt skills and knowledge, diving down to up to 66 feet, exploring your own capacities and the underwater world.

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For questions, please send an email to

or text 847-571-5036.




To maintain reasonable pricing for the certification classes, and to promote respect and fairness to your fellow freedivers' time and efforts, we have a strict cancellation policy:

  • A cancellation two or more weeks prior to a class:  refund of the tuition fee minus $25 administration fee.

  • A cancellation less than 10 days before the class - No refund, but credit for a future class with $50 administration fee.

  • A cancellation less than 72 hours before the class / NO SHOW - No refund, No credit except with proof of a medical or family emergency; in such a case, credit for a future class is allowed with $50 administration fee.


There are times when it is not safe to dive due to adverse weather conditions (like thunderstorms, strong winds, extreme temperature, etc.) When a class is canceled due to weather or other circumstances beyond Chicago Freediving instructor control we try our best to accommodate the needs of the students.  We offer the option to pay $25 in order to hold a dive spot in upcoming class (as the numbers permit).  When the availability is open you are welcome to pay the $25, and join for any open water class you need in order to complete your certifications.



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Our Mission

At Chicago Freediving…


  • We are passionate about Water.

  • We care about health in all its aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • We believe in a respectful relationship between nature and human beings.


Our mission is to restore and improve one’s health, well-being and happiness through teaching, learning and practising freediving with conservative safety and great respect to the water and nature.

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Eric Pan

Freediver Instructor, AIDA

Eric started freediving in 2017 and has became an enthusiast ever since. What began as an experiment turned into a life-changing experience - physically, mentally and emotionally.


He was originally captivated by the amazing underwater world surrounding him, but in the exploration process grew in touch with his mind’s inner voice. Eric quickly fell in love with the sport and went on to train and compete in China, Mexico, Egypt and Honduras. In Egypt he became a certified AIDA International Freediving Instructor (where he had an unplanned friendly meet and greet with three sharks during a deep dive in the Red Sea).

Outside of the ocean, Eric works as a Data Scientist in the consulting industry. As a native of Northern China, he teaches in both English and Chinese.

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Anatoliy Pak

Freediver Instructor, TDI/SDI/PFI

Anatoliy was born and raised in Uzbekistan, a country in central Asia, where the climate is similar to Arizona. His homeland is land-locked, so he did not have too many chances to be in the water as a child. Actually, Anatoliy really disliked swimming since it caused him a lot of discomfort in the sinuses. It was so until 2016, when he stumbled upon a YouTube video about freedivers swimming with whales. He was fascinated by how calm and serene this experience seemed. Driven by curiosity and excitement, Anatoliy researched ways to learn freediving. Among many training agencies available on the market, he picked PFI because of its clear objectives, solid curriculum, high safety standards, and diverse availability of instructors throughout the US. Two years later, after his first dive to 33’/10m in the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Anatoliy became a freediving Instructor with an ambitious goal to create a strong freedivers’ community in the Chicago and Midwest area.


Anatoliy is a licensed acupuncturist and Tai Chi instructor; he utilizes freediving breathing and apnea exercises a lot in his busy acupuncture clinic to improve the patients’ health and well-being. 


In his free time Anatoliy enjoys studying piano, playing underwater hockey, snowboarding, sailing, and camping with his family.


You can reach Anatoliy via email: